Wilderness, Wildlife, Underwater photographer - Chantal Henderson


Initially self-taught on a large format Panoramic film camera with fully manual operation and external light meter, Chantal's passion for landscape photography began in 2002 on her first photography adventure to Patagonia, South America . Since then Chantal has been incredibly lucky to have the opportunity of capturing rare images of the untamed wild has seen her awarded by the highest accolades in photography.  

For thirteen years Chantal has been lured by the wild Patagonia, embracing the freedom and solitude of photographing its breathtaking beauty.. The tranquillity and exhilaration of exploring the vast wilderness awakened an unknown passion on her debut expedition in 2002. Since then, 21 trips later, she is drawn back from her home in Australia every year to photograph the wildlife, the rugged Andes Mountains and its enormous sprawling glaciers. 

In 2004 Chantal became a co-founder of Punta Norte Orca Research (PNOR, a non-profit organization based in Argentina that researches the extraordinary behaviour of Orca (killer whales) as they intentionally strand on the remote beaches of Peninsula Valdes to hunt sea-lion pups from the shore. Chantal continued as a volunteer principal researcher and photographer for PNOR for the next 4 years. Her involvement with Orca research, observing these incredible animals for hundreds of hours was the impetus for her fascination with wildlife photography and conservation.

In 2007/2008 Chantal was thrilled to be appointed as Stills Photographer on board the Sea Shepherds’ Steve Irwin for the 'Operation Migaloo' anti-whaling campaign in Antarctica, which since, has now been televised worldwide on Animal Planet's 'Whale Wars'.  "My Sea Shepherd experience highlighted to me the devastating repercussions of destroying the bio-diversity in the oceans and on our planet, and empowered me to make a difference". 

It was at this point that Chantal was inspired to complete her dream to publish Patagonia Wild, with her collection of images from her twelve-year journey. "I hope my photographs will inspire appreciation of our beautiful wilderness.  The way we interact, appreciate and protect the environment today will determine the health of the planet in the future."

Chantal has also had several of her photos on the front cover of "SALT" magazine, and has been involved as stills photographer for the movie Mind Fire.  

Patagonia Wild has become a life project, and extraordinary project, and I hope to publish the final product within the next two years, or when ever the right time arrives.